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May 31, 2008 Update

The City is bombarding us with motions and objections to our evidence entries. It is truly amazing how much the City is throwing at us at the last second. I suppose it is not very much when you think of how many attorneys they have working on this case. They hired a firm out of California, at a price I’m told of $500.00 per hour, to cull the jury. I am fighting a well oiled machine with a faulty processor. Judge Weinstein let us know that only one person from our side will be able to sit next to our Attorney. Which only means he does not want Cecilia and me sitting together in front of his "advisory Jury" which could be changed constitutional on appeal?

It is becoming more and more apparent I am not going to get a fair and impartial trial. Let me look back to give you the reasons why. Judge Weinstein has ruled the City has jurisdiction in Georgia over us, which they do not and will have to be challenged in the second circuit after a costly trial in his court. He has allowed the mention of the Second Amendment to be removed in court. He has removed my right to a jury of my peers. In all reality,;it is not of my peers without jurisdiction. He has refused to allow Mayor Bloomberg, my accuser to testify .I am not allowed to face my accuser. He has removed important written evidence from the ATF and we will see if we are allowed to question our local agents with written depositions. He is allowing the City to bring in information from the other dealers that have settled or gone out of business. I have nothing to do with how they run their business. I am not connected in any way with those businesses. Am I not guaranteed a far trial by the constitution?

May 25, 2008 Congratulations to my good friend and lawyer to my case in Georgia. Bob Barr is the LP presidential candidate. Everyone please listen to his plans for this country. He is a true conservative.

May 23, 2008 Update I have added more pages to the site. Look to the upper right-hand side of this page for the pull down window.The Court May 2008 window has the transcript from MAY 21 & 22. The week of 05/27/2008 will deal mostly with jury selection. I will post as we go along. Thanks for all of your donations,emails and prayers. We remain strong.

May 22, 2008 Update It’s late and we have been talking with our legal council for the last few hours. I will post more on what happened today in the morning. The biggest decision made today by Judge Weinstein was not letting Mayor Bloomberg take the stand. The Mayor accuses me of breaking Federal Laws and I don’t get to face my accuser. I’m not going to get a jury trial and the Judge compared me to the Taliban. "If we were trying a Guantanamo incarceration, I certainly wouldn't allow anybody to call the president in," Judge Weinstein said. "We'd have the people in charge of Guantanamo and their superiors." What a couple of days!

May 21, 2008 PM Update My first day in court was very interesting. Judge Weinstein listened to both sides from 11am till 4pm with a one hour lunch. During that time he decided to have an advisory jury instead of a jury as most people think of it. The jury will give him their decision and he will conceder their view and make his own verdict. He also is allowing us to depose in written form our ATF agents. We will get a limited number of questions. We did not get summary judgment which means the case goes on. The trial will be available to watch by CVN on the internet. We start again at 11:15am tomorrow. First report out can be viewed at

5/21/2008 Update Today is the day we go before Judge Weinstein face to face. The City has filed papers that we shouldn’t mention the Second Amendment and we don’t need a jury of our peers. They have also asked that the ATF not be able to testify and not to let us use a training video taped in our store by an ATF Agent for our use. We are accused of not following Federal law and they don’t want anyone or anything that can prove otherwise in the court. We will see in the morning how the Judge rules on these issues. The Judge will also rule on summary judgment. Will post more after today’s proceedings.